Why Intensive Camps?

One mom said it all

“What did you do to my kid? This morning he washed his dishes and took out the garbage, and before he never did that. My son has now told me he loves me more times in one week than he has all our lives. Your camp changed my kid’s life and our families. Thanks.”

Mom of camper

This is our mission at Intensive Camps

artwork-06We strive to impact your son’s values as much as we do their athletics.

We believe in helping your athlete become a man of great character, first and foremost.

We share the importance of discipline and integrity throughout the week, as we challenge their boundaries, as a man, on and off the wrestling mats.

We carefully hand-pick well-rounded, motivated coaches and counselors that play a huge role in the focus and goals of our camp.

We truly believe that in one week we can help change the life of your son for the better.


A day in the eyes of a wrestler at camp.

Hey Dad,

We have not talked in a couple days, and I just wanted to share with you my day to give you an idea of what camp is like. I woke up at 5:40 a.m. to a siren that I have learned to love. I got in my weight line as the morning fog was out and the sun was just starting to come up. I worked out for 40 minutes, we call it the guts and glory workout. After the workout we went to eat breakfast, and it was surprisingly really good food!

I went to technique practice learning from an Olympian today and got a sweet picture with him afterward. I had a tough dual match against another Washington kid and I won by 2. After the match, I ate lunch with a division 1 wrestler from Boise State, and we talked about family. He was a nice guy and I got another sweet picture with him as well.

Finally it was time to rest in my tent for a while before the next work out, and I played some cards with teammates.

After some much needed rest I made my way into the toughest part of my day. We had our intensive practice. To explain the workout, there are pools of sweat everywhere, hard nose in your face wrestling at all times, and mentally challenging drills that make even the best of the best break. It felt like we had just gone to war and we were celebrating our victories. It’s hard to explain, I had a lot of emotions.

After intensive, we had a really good spaghetti meal. I have never been hungrier in my entire life! The food is actually very good here. After dinner was through, I went to another dual and got another live match in. They blasted the rocky theme song in background while we wrestled. It was a very fun environment.

To wind the day down, we had a combative tournament between the entire camp. I took third in my group, but the top two in the group go to the finals in front of the entire camp. Tomorrow is the takedown tournament, and as we always say, “its a new day.”

We have a different motivational speaker that comes to the camp at night. The guy who spoke tonight motivated me, and gave me a new outlook on life. I wanted you to know that today is the day I will continue to improve in all areas of my life. I love you guys and as tough as it is here, I know this camp has been the best possible thing I could have done this summer. Now I need to go to sleep so I can wake up and do it all again.

 Love you dad,


What You Get

LIVE Wrestling, strength, conditioning, positive mental attitude, leadership skills, technique, food and lodging. Read more>>

Train with CHAMPIONS Each year athletes are treated to instruction from many of the best coaches and wrestlers in the Nation. Read more>>

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