Why Intensive Camps?

Intensive Wrestling Camp has been designed as much for the leaders of these young men, as it has the young men themselves.

During the week there are specific times when we carve out of the daily grind to dig in and show you our designed systems, outlooks, and methods for running a great program of your own.

The camp will challenge you to become a better teacher, mentor and leader with your athletes.

artwork-07It will challenge you to evaluate your drilling, techniques, and mental preparation systems.

We hand-pick respected, top-quality coaches, athletes and guests from around the country to guarantee you will get invaluable advice and new strategies for success.

We know this camp has been then crucial stepping stone for successful wrestling teams in this state. And it will be a game changer for your team too.

Your team will experience a season worth of competition in one week and be pushed passed their breaking point.

And they will begin to believe in themselves, in just one week.

Intensive Camps will teach you and your athlete what it takes to win and  lead, both on and off the mat.


What You Get

LIVE Wrestling, strength, conditioning, positive mental attitude, leadership skills, technique, food and lodging. Read more>>

Train with CHAMPIONS Each year athletes are treated to instruction from many of the best coaches and wrestlers in the Nation. Read more>>

See you this Summer

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