Camp History


Camp Started in 1994

Our goal was to gain a years’ worth of experience of live wrestling in one week of camp
Total of 89 kids


Began servicing the Northwest as one of the most premier camps with the main focus on impacting athlete’s character, mentality, abilities, and emotions using the most well respected mentors and counselors the northwest had to offer.


Our camp now had a presence in multiple states and multiple locations throughout the great northwest.

Intensive apparel became a presence that was loud and proud.

Staff of over 40 giving camp an extremely high helper to athlete ratio of a respective 1 coach to every 7 wrestlers.


Over 30 plus teams present at our camps on a yearly basis.

Athletes traveled from 9 different states to attend our camp.

Camp Champ shirt became a prestigious accomplishment that was worn proudly by various state placers, state champions, and even national champions.


This is where you will put your mark on History!
Come to Intensive and accomplish one of the most challenging events of your life. 

20 year celebration servicing at least 6,000 wrestlers with in the Northwest.

What You Get

LIVE Wrestling, strength, conditioning, positive mental attitude, leadership skills, technique, food and lodging. Read more>>

Train with CHAMPIONS Each year athletes are treated to instruction from many of the best coaches and wrestlers in the Nation. Read more>>

See you this Summer

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